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About Our Shop

Here at Mood Setters, we can provide some simple tools to ease the stress from your day-to-day lifestyles. We are firm believers that it is very easy to loose touch with your mate, significant other, or other important people in our lives, especially during your daily mundane process. We truly believe that in the whole realm of life itself, it can be very hectic and chaotic at times.
We can help with that!

We are so excited about this new chapter in our lives...Mood Setters! We are also thrilled to offer the ability of helping our customers find a little peace in their lives...just as we have! A place to unwind as you browse our store with a plentiful of 'feel good' items.
We don't know of anyone who is not spent after a long, hard day at work. Whether your day has taken place in an office, in a shop, in your car, in your home, outside in the weather elements, or wherever your life has chosen to place you. Wouldn't a little TLC help soften the days end? Wouldn't it be nice to have a favorite place to visit that can pull you out of funk of your reality. 
We take Mood Setting very serious!
We can help set the ambiance to get those main ingredients back into your lives, that seem to get misplaced throughout each days drama.

What will you find at Mood Setters?

Hand Poured Intensely Scented Soy Candles...

Mood Setters dedicates every effort to creating superior candles. Our demanding purity, cleanliness and burn standards have kept us searching for new and innovative wax products. This all natural wax out performs petroleum-based paraffin in every way on any day! We believe our American Soybean Wax formulation is of exceptional quality and we know you will see the difference in our products!

Luxurious Handmade Skin Care Products...

Mood Setters offers luxurious handmade, soap, bath, beauty and body products to nourish and pamper your skin. Give your skin the attention it deserves. Our products are formulated with pure, natural ingredients using the utmost care and diligence in each bottle, and in each bar! We ave a variety of fragrances to choose from. Although when visiting, if we don't have the fragrance you want, we can get it...and would be happy to! 

Customizable Gift Baskets Of All Sizes...

A Mood Setters gift basket! Now, there is a gift that the recipient is sure to enjoy! Our gift baskets are designed to the receiver. You can create your own, mix and match to your liking. Or select from one of our ready made gift baskets. We can theme them for you, if desired. Birthdays, holidays, anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thank you, Secretary's Day, or just because kinda days. We can help, and we want to help!

Imaginative Hand Crafted Bottle Art...

Mood Setters even has bottle art! We feel that the sound of a wind chimes can be so soothing to your soul, as well as pleasant to the eyes. At Mood Setters, you will have the chance to purchase one of these amazing pieces of artwork for you own patio, window, or favorite spot. Lots to choose from. A great conversation piece...they are very unique! These hand crafted wind chimes, candle holders, lamps and incense burners  are sure to catch your eye!

Beautiful Hand Crafted Glass & Garden Art...

Mood Setters upcycled glass art will shine wherever you choose to put it! Very unique pieces! If you love art like we do, Mood Setters is the place for you! We have a wide variety of functional glass sculptures to choose from. Hand crafted by yours truly...Mood Setters! Bird baths, bird feeders, garden totems and sculptures, garden many ideas, so little time!

Amazing Photography by Thomas Curtis...

Mood Setters has a vast array of professional photography by Thomas Curtis. Thomas Curtis is a 91 year old WWII Marine Veteran, whom currently lives in Downriver, Michigan. However, he spent a good portion of his life traveling the world. He spent his entire life exploring, hiking, and admiring the wonders of nature from behind a lens...the old school way! He has decided to share these memories so all people can enjoy them, as he does!